a PLASTITE 45 screw increases the assembly strength at the same time that it reduces stress. PLASTITE 45 screws are the perfect balance between application needs and efficient manufacturing for consistent performance. PLASTITE 48-2 Screws PLASTITE 48-2 scews have a TRILOBULAR™ body like PLASTITE 45 screws , but incorporate a double The three-lobed design of PLASTITE screws takes full advantage of the cold flow characteristics of many plastics by allowing plastic material to recover and fill in between the lobes. This establishes maximum resistance to vibrational loosening. PLASTITE 45, 48-2 SCREWS Pages 17, 18 19 Advantages Applications PLASTITE 45 TRILOBULAR thread rolling screws have extra wide spacing between narrow profile threads, resulting in exceptionally low induced stress and extra low boss bursting tendencies. TRILOBULAR thread form design provides full relief for easy driving

Plastite 60-1 Fasteners Screws For Plastic And Other Low Density Materials. Plastite trilobular thread rolling screws are designed for high performance fastening in a wide range of thermoplastics. The 60 profile on the Type 60-1 screw hererates deeply into the work piece, absorbing higher torques without stripping and resisting pullout forces. PLASTITE 45 Screws Plastite in Minlon 10B40 14 11 9 5 4 3.200 .250 .300 .350 .400 .450 Length of Thread Engagement - Inches Drive Torque -Pound Inches Driving Torque of #8 Plastite 45 .125” Hole.500 13 12 10 8 7 6 Plastite in Zytel 101 HOLE SIZE #8 PLASTITE - .125” PLASTITE 45The PLASTITE 45 screw is designed to facilitate thread-forming herepressible plastics while providing high resistance to strip-out and pull-out. It has smaller root and major diameters than a 48 PLASTITE , so it can be used in smaller bosses. Features.

Thread Forming Screws including Plastite / Taptite Styles Hi-Lo in Steel Stainless. Same day shipping on most items. Click here to start shopping. Screws Thread Forming Screws ; Thread Forming Screws . Plastite -Style, Taptite-Style High Low Screws Form Their Own Thread in Unthreaded Material.