Screws For Plastics 17. PLASTITE Screws Reduced hoop stress.The PLASTITE screw ’s TRILOBULAR™ design reduces dangerous hoop stress and the friction of root interference, which can frequently cause the bursting of thin-walled bosses. Better quality threads.The smooth burnishing action of PLASTITE thread-rolling screws eliminates the dangers PLASTITE 48-2 screws have a TRILOBULAR™ body like PLASTITE 45 screws , but incorporate a double lead, two-start thread. The steeper helix angle from the double lead permits higher fail torque to be obtained, usually resulting in a higher differential between fail torque and thread forming torque, which allows easier power tool adjustment when assembly stripping is the problem. Only 15% of the total in-place cost of fastening is the cost of the screw or bolt. The TAPTITE family of thread rolling screws and bolts lower the remaining 85% cost. i.e. the cost of pre-tapping the hole and other tapping related costs.

PLASTITE TRILOBULAR™ thread rolling screws were developed specifically for use in plastics. herebine a unique TRILOBULAR™ cross-sectional form with deep, wide, spaced threads. Easier to drive. Three swaging lobes with full relief of the thread form reduce … PLASTITE TRILOBULAR™ Fasteners . Click on a Product to view details. Inch Series PLASTITE 48-2 Screws (12). Plastite 48-2 Trilobular™ thread-rolling screws have twin lead threads to provide faster, more efficient insertion. 48-2 PLASTITE ALTERNATIVE SCREWS - trilobular thread Specifications heremended Pilot Hole Sizes 3/4 +/- 0.050 all lengths +/- 0.050 Across Center Trilobular thread rolling screw having twin lead thread design; deep and narrow 48 degree thread profile and extra wide spacing between threads and a 1-2 thread tapered point. 0 thru 1/4 dia

Plastite 60-1 Fasteners Screws For Plastic And Other Low Density Materials. Plastite trilobular thread rolling screws are designed for high performance fastening in a wide range of thermoplastics. The 60 profile on the Type 60-1 screw hererates deeply into the work piece, absorbing higher torques without stripping and resisting pullout forces. The result is designs that cannot be made efficiently. This results in fasteners that do not maintain their intended shape along the whole shank, have poorly filled out thread forms, or deviate erratically from the intended design specifications . PLASTITE 45 screws provide wide differential between drive and fail torques for exceptionally easy drive tool adjustment. Screws are manufactured to nominal inch and metric diameters. individual specifications , such as SAE grades 5 or 8 or metric 9.8 and 10.9.

Browse PLASTITE 302 Stainless Steel Thread Forming Screws in the O.E.M. Fastening Systems catalog including Item #,Item Name,Thread Size,Head,Drive Size,Drive System . All Categories Specialty Screws PLASTITE PLASTITE 302 Stainless Steel Thread Forming Screws View .