All Purpose Wood Screws Collecting Grooves at the Minor Diameter Enlarge Space inside Wood and then . High-quality goods and services Multiform Fasteners Co ., Ltd . was founded in 1995. New Products. Try our new products to get a special discount! MORE; CATALOG Established in 1995, Multiform is a professional exporter and manufacturer in Taiwan. Our products are covering all kinds of wood screws , self -tapping screws ,

MULTIFORM FASTENERS CO., LTD . is a Taiwan manufacturer supplier, offers Rotation Screws ,Thread Rolling Screws , Screws with Anti-Corrosion Treatment,Painted Screws ,Collated Screws , Wood Screws ,Various AnchorsMachine Screws ,Stainless Steel Screws ,Chipboard Screws ,Construction Screws . MULTIFORM FASTENERS CO ., LTD . is dedicated in Chipboard Screws , Self -drilling Screws , Wood Screws , Self -tapping Screws , Painted Screws , Thread Rolling Screws , Bolt, Anchor with operations in … Company Name: MULTIFORM FASTENERS CO., LTD . Business Type:Exporter, Manufacturer, ODM, OEM, hereanization Year Established:1995 Main Product: screw ,

Rotation Screws ☆ MULTIFORM FASTENERS CO ., LTD . is a high-quality manufacturer supplier here,which can offer Rotation Screws and Other Products. Self Tapping Screw (1) Roofing Screw (1) Construction Screw (2) SEMS Screw (1) Collated Screw (1) . New wood screws MAW HUNG INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Mobile Lift Table, Heavy Duty Pallet Racking / Drive-In Racking, Auto Parts, Seat Safety Belt Metal … Joker co ., Ltd . Wall Anchor SAKITA GROUP CO ., LTD . Drywall Screws eBay. FindgreatdealsoneBayforDrywallScrewsinIndustrialScrews.ShopwithconfidenceDrywallS. Chipboard screws , Drywall screws , Wood screws , Tapping screws

List of Self Drilling Screw suppliers manufacturers and their products in Taiwan. hereparison, quotation and inquiry. The biggest manufacture database. Self -Drilling screw Supplier: MULTIFORM FASTENERS CO ., LTD . Type:Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM, ODM, hereanization Add to favorites. Screw Supplier: